We appreciate your interest in Ping Pong and your confidence that this concept will do well in the market of your interest.

Ping Pong reviews all requests for franchise. To help us facilitate this process we have put together this application form. We will ask you a series of simple questions just to learn more about who you are. This process consists of 4 steps and includes such simple steps as providing your contact details.

Meanwhile we would like to give franchise to all those who believe in Ping Pong, we also need to make sure that the said individuals are capable of delivering the experience that the Ping Pong brand is associated with. This requires much effort and investment. For instance, based on UK experience, the capital required to build one restaurant will be at least £800 thousand.

It is important to know that after the information is submitted you will not be able to go back to amend it. Should you need to update any details you will be able to do so by replying to the request response email where we inform you on our franchise strategy in the region of your choice.